BRAND your name

              in your community as

                 - the BEST AUTHORITY AVAILABLE -

                     in your own professional field...

                      and establish your business for life!

Coke customers are hooked for life. Branding has established Coke in the marketplace. Only occasional advertising reminders are now needed to maintain loyalty, because Coke is now a branded name!!!

The big corporations have long known it - - -
"Branding is Better than money in the bank"

But guess what?

YOU recognize it too. You just never knew how to achieve it affordably for yourself!!!

Read on...and soon you'll know how it can be done.

What if you were branded in your town like Coke is branded all over the world? What if you were THE authority to contact for your services?

You know it's crucial to become an expert
for maximum success in the world of business.

And branding is crucial to bring you to the surface as leader of the pack!

Who are some of those silent experts inwardly screaming to be released for recognition through branding?

Real Estate Investors
Control your market, whether buying or selling property, so everyone thinks of you first

I Buy Houses
Have sellers calling you when ready to sell, while your competition is banging bandit signs and placing classifieds

The Pre-foreclosure Specialist
Have distraught owners who are struggling in pre-foreclosure calling you - BEFORE the onslaught of letters goes out from real estate agents, attorneys, and investors

Real Estate Agents
Become the best known Realtor in town because branding makes your name stand out with recognition

Internet Marketing Specialists
With everyone and his dog using the Internet, you can become the expert they call when they want to learn how to make money on the Internet from the home-town guy or gal

(Ever noticed how many dot com businesses promote themselves on CNN and cable - like,,, and Sleep Number Bed?)

Who else can increase business by branding?

The house-cleaning maid
The used auto dealer
      (new car dealers receive co-op funds
      for it already!)
The auctioneer
The insurance agent
The attorney
Furniture Stores
Carpet and Interior Stores
Home Building Contractors
Cosmetic Surgeons
Retirement Specialists
Financial Planners
Personal Trainers
Life Coaches

In fact, anyone who wants to dominate their local market and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The quickest, most powerful method for becoming permanently TV!

But the cost of BRANDING is horrendous!

Yes, the cost!!!
Oh, the cost!!!

The 30-min. infomercial can cost as much as $425,000 to create and $25,000 to air in some markets!

(Better take your banker along before you start branding on TV!!!)

Guthy-Renker is the biggest producer of effective TV infomercials in the nation, with $1.5 Billion in sales last year. You've seen Guthy-Renker infomercials selling Proactive Solution, Winsor Pilates, Tony Robbins, Sheer Cover, Suzanne Sommers Thigh Master, Core Secrets, AB Lazer, Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, and many others. The cost of a Guthy-Renker production is between $95,000 and $425,000 for a 30-minute Show.

But to produce your effective Guthy-Renker ad, you also need the services of some Professional Copyright, like the King-Pin, Dan Kennedy, (whom Gunthy-Renker often employs to write their ad copy). Dan charges $50,000 to produce ad copy, and then takes a percentage of the business profits! (Go to lunch with Dan, and he charges $8,500 - and you pay for the lunch!) How can Dan (and Joe Sugarman, John Carlton, and so many other copywriters) charge so much??? Because you have NOTHING with your TV infomercial...

unless your ad copy sizzles!

What good is an expensive TV infomercial if it doesn't SELL???

In the heart of California country and around the nation are others who produce TV infomercials, like Thane International, Hawthorne Direct, and Script to Screen.

But even after you've aired your infomercial for the first time, you have the huge challenge known in traditional marketing of TESTING. Every professional marketer knows that every ad has to be tested! So what if you spend $100,000 to get your TV infomercial to the marketplace...then, what if it bombs???

There's gotta be a better way!


YET, it's ONLY BRANDING that can turn the trick to get your prospects to call you BEFORE they even think of calling your competition! The challenge is to use proven experience in creating your infomercial, get it done reasonably, and test, test, and test!

You've seen the real estate GURUs flaunt their financial muscle with TV infomercials when they hit town, offering their "teaser" free seminars. You know these Big Boys have tons of money to spend on television. (One Big Boy even draws his money from his public offering on the stock market!)

Even every idiot KNOWS...the power of image branding with television!

              You can't get BRANDED
              with a slick Kinko brochure.


              You can't get BRANDED
              with a bandit sign.

              You can't get BRANDED
              with a classified ad.


Only one person, who does what you do, will stand out among the crowd, and be recognized as the best in your profession of expertise in your town.

Will it be you?

Selling and Branding

Why do Russ Whitney and Carleton Sheets and Sony Corporation and over 40% of the Fortune 500 companies use TV infomercials? To sell products. But in the process of selling products, the BIG COMPANIES become branded. Then their next product is easier to sell! And it's cheaper to get their next customer. Branding is about selling. Branding is about marketing. Branding is about selling cheaper the next time around. If you become properly branded, marketing and advertising gets easier and cheaper.

The George Foreman Grill is the #1 Counter Top Appliance in America today. His several 30-minute TV infomercials have sold 65 million products! (Take a look at one of George Foreman's :30 sec. infomercials, then close that new window to return here)

If TV BRANDING is the secret the BIG GUY knows for achieving permanent exposure and recognition to the public...


"One of the only ways left for the little guy to achieve a windfall in business today is on TV"

If you had the financial resources of the BIG GUY, you too could do it. If you had the MONEY to produce the TV spot or the TV infomercial, you too could do it.

If you had the cash to run your ad continuously week after week, you too could do it.

BUT THIS TAKES MONEY! Wheelbarrows full of money!

BUT...what if you could become TV/Internet BRANDED for

Suppose there was a SYSTEM for getting your TV message produced by an experienced director with hundreds of productions under his belt! Suppose you could get your personal branding program created in a world-class studio with professional camera crew and lighting technicians...and the cost of production was a fraction of local trial-and-error production! What if you could operate this system by virtual auto-pilot through an experienced TV broker! (Just tell him how much you're ready to spend, and he knows which phone number to call to place your spot locally or anywhere in the nation.)

Suppose this special SYSTEM included search engine optimization to use this same TV production ON THE INTERNET too, including Web 2.0 and social networking!

Here are the FACTS:

For less than the price of a newspaper ad, you can have your own 30 minutes of TV that shouts who you are to your community.

Did you know you could appear on TV in your town even once a week for just $122 per half-hour? Did you know you could air your show in prime-time evenings for $65 to $155 per half-hour show?

Imagine being on TV in prime-time in Los Angeles, California - every night of the week - for only $1500 a month! (We have clients who have been doing that for years!)

How about reaching 900,000 homes in your area for $265 a half-hour on a Sunday afternoon (as in Seattle Washington)? Would $28 a half-hour from midnight to 6 a.m. brand you, as it's doing for others in Palms Springs, CA.?

What if...

you could become BRANDED for


Here's the way to kick off your own UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING CAMPAIGN for

And here's the way to operate your UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING CAMPAIGN for

You can even LEARN "How" THIS UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING technique works for

Is there any other way to become BRANDED in your town WITHOUT THAT HUGE CAPITOL OUTLAY???

If you happen to be one of those avant-garde, progressive thinkers who recognizes that things will happen in your business with TV branding, here's the chance of a lifetime.

Eliminate your competition with your new "Expert" status

Deals come out of the woodwork as people start calling you - almost begging to be seen by THE expert

Your referrals increase

Local TV and radio stations start calling you to ask for your opinion on your specialty, because they perceive you as the expert in your field

Mass-produce DVDs of your Show as a business card at .45 cents @

Play your Show in your office using continual loop tape for prospects and clients

Upload your Show on your website (One of our clients increased her referrals by 25% in 6 weeks with this technique)

Send out your Show on DVD as a lead generator, instead of sending a Free Report

Send the DVD of your Show with a cover letter to re-activate dormant buyers

Mail your DVDs to every Investor, Banker, Attorney and Escrow office and Private Money Lender in your area, and flood your pipeline with fresh business

The one-day UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar will show you how to produce, air, and circulate your TV Show in a whirlpool of marketing strategies.

And it will be conducted at the world-famous Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee!

  the largest resort outside of Las Vegas,
   with companion sites in Orlando, Dallas,
   Washington D.C., and soon in California

Only 100 reservations are blocked for lodging in the luxurious balcony Garden Suites overlooking one of the three magnificent Atrium Gardens (with catwalks over the simulated rain forest, and walkways through the waterfalls beneath). Other special resort amenities include the Relache Spa and indoor Swimming Pool. Even bring the kids along at this memorable season (not for the Seminar, but let them see the 2-million-light Christmas tree exposition at Opryland and enjoy the other exciting activities for children)!

Take a look at this gorgeous place!

You'll be a special guest at the fabulous Opryland Resort for this weekend Extravaganza.

(The Garden Suite Balcony Suites overlook the Atriums Gardens)




The Delta at Night

The Falls

Here's the schedule of activities
for the Seminar Event
Arrive for check-in at least by Friday evening preceding the start of the Seminar on Saturday morning. (You can also arrange to arrive earlier in the week for sight-seeing and tourist attractions in this Music Mecca of Nashville.)

Unpack in your Premium Balcony Suite overlooking the magnificent Atrium Gardens.

Your evening options: tour the shops and exhibits of the palatial Opryland Resort, or visit Nashville's downtown "Honky-Tonk Highway" strip of wanna-be and has-been country music fanatics. Or, take the evening riverboat cruise on the General JacksonŽ Showboat. The Grand Ole Opry is held on Friday and Saturday nights, but you can also enjoy other musical genres besides country music including rock, jazz and blues in downtown Nashville, "Music City U.S.A.," at such places as the world-famous Printers Alley. (*Transportation and entertainment tickets not provided)

Saturday, 8:00 - 5:00: The one-day UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar

The party is over at 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoon (arrange your flight schedule to accommodate this schedule)

   Don't miss this Get-Away Seminar
   to enhance your Profession at one    of America's most popular and
   enjoyable vacation destinations!

The Setting for Learning is Perfect

We've made it fun, easy, and inexpensive as possible to attend the Seminar.

Nashville, Music City U.S.A., is a fun place to visit. It's one of the nation's top travel destinations. (Maybe we're all hillbillies, but we've got something special to see and enjoy!)

We will handle all room reservations, so it's easy to prepare for a weekend or even an entire week of vacation. And we've contracted for a block of rooms at discount for the event. You can come early, visit the attractions that 10 million tourists see each year, and even bring the family.

There's the Grand Ole Opry, the General Jackson dinner cruise with entertainment, Music Row, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Lower Broadway with the has-beens and wanta-bees of music.

We do have a problem, however, with the lodging for this Event.

Opryland Resort has such strong demand, especially at this time of the year, that we had to set an early deadline date for guaranteed registration in booking room reservations, especially in the Garden Suites. You can still come to the Seminar and we will find you lodging, either in Opryland Resort if available or in nearby hotels, depending upon when you register. We might even be able to get you a Garden Suite for two for the same price as a regular room, at discount prices. We'll even get you the best price available, even if you decide to stay longer (that's possible because of our relationship with the Resort in booking several events a year). At this moment, we can get these rates:

* Regular rooms for two: $225/night (reg.$299)

* Premium Garden Suites for two: $225 (reg.$399)

For all room reservations and attraction information, email Judi at

The fee for the UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING SEMINAR is only $997!

          (not the usual $3000 to $7500 cost
          of a weekend seminar)

The host and co-host of this seminar are experienced experts in their respective fields of expertise.


The UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar is hosted by veteran real estate investor and Coaching Instructor, Dr.Phil Speer.

Dr.Speer started investing long before Robert Allen published his best-seller, "Nothing Down." He was "Top Investor of the Year" in 1983, and was featured in an editorial of the Wall St.Journal. He has over 25,000 web sites, and has numerous published articles on the Net. Dr.Speer developed the UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar technique in conjunction with the co-host, and operates his marketing system with it today after many trial-and-error attempts to make television airing viable as an economical and lead-producing marketing system.

Dr.Speer has been marketing for over 50 years. He has sold numerous products online and offline. He was a Consultant to many of Nashville's "Top 100 Businesses" in the 1970s. He pioneered Telephonic Display advertising from basic airport displays -

advertising everyone has seen and used in major city airports. He developed a marketing technique that expanded airport advertising to the application of these unique displays in hotels, university campuses, campgrounds, and senior citizen high-rise towers. He also created
a chain of prolific tourist businesses in Nashville hotels and on Music Row that his wife operated for 30 years until her retirement. Today, he gets thousands of leads each month from over 25 videos posted on google and youtube, and dominates under the keyword, "real estate coaching."

Co-host for the UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar is veteran TV producer and program broker, Dan Ruzicka.

Co-host for the UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar is veteran TV producer and program broker, Dan Ruzicka.

Dan is a recognized marketer and producer of several national Talk Shows, including Leading Real Estate Experts, Inside Auto Buying Today, and Your Good Health. Dan is a pioneer in "leased access programming" of television time on FCC-mandated leased access stations. He is responsible for producing 30-minute TV infomercials with airing costs even less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad. He has the capability of bringing out the best in Interview Dialogue Marketing and promotional marketing, and consistently delivers clear and powerful marketing messages for his clients that "Makes Business Happen".

Dan has a track record of creating the image of his clients as the absolute pinnacle of credibility and expertise in their local market. Dan's enthusiasm, integrity and drive, along with his wealth of marketing knowledge, consistently achieves maximum revenue results for his clients. Dan has the experience to create commercials and infomercials powerfully-effective the first time around!

Here's what you will learn at the UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar...

Complete description of THE PRODUCTION PACKAGE for creating your own professionally-designed TV commercials. Dan Ruzicka directs production of the package at one of the top three national TV network studios in one of California's top resort destinations. This $30 million, all High-Definition studio has FOUR state-of-the-art, $375,000 cameras, and a production staff of FIVE, including producer, director, cameramen, audio technician, and professional make-up artist. The production manager of the produced Show is a famous-name director who has won 3 Emmy Awards while working for CNN. This first-class studio is capable of producing extremely high-quality shows, and yet far more affordable than any local production.

Complete description of THE AIRING PACKAGE from experienced TV media buyer, Dan Ruzicka. Dan is a veteran at brokering economical "leased access stations" and national network affiliates, and will show you how to achieve unparalleled results in production and airing.

THE AIRING MODEL created by Dr.Speer for saturating your local and national marketplace. Here's the important key to airing your TV spots and infomercial - - - saturation with this MODEL provides inexpensive initial airing, with exposure beginning modestly and graduating airtime in precise ratio of results.

Bonus You will also get Dr.Speer's Viral Lead-Producing System he uses to generate premium leads from his TV production. You can use this System in conjunction with your own TV Show to produce viral leads to increase your database. Some are using similar documented processes in Web 2.0 social networking to produce 25,000 unique leads per month!

The UNBELIEVEABLY-CHEAP TV/Internet BRANDING Seminar will be held Saturday, March 29.

To register:
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To make lodging arrangements after registration, contact Judi at